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Land Administration

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Digital Imaging

One major way to control costs is to use Forward Land’s full-service Digital Imaging Department, in conjunction with our in-house title landmen.  Instead of sending landmen to county courthouses to run title, we can send our trained photographers to digitally image instruments and then run title from a remote location. This method offers several benefits:

  • Travel costs are dramatically reduced.
  • Our photographers can normally shoot an entire section in a couple of days.
  • Overall mileage is greatly reduced because we do our best to source local talent and have our photographers work in teams.

Determination of Mineral Rights

We are very skilled in not only simple sections, but also the extremely convoluted metes and bounds tracts, and various “stacked formation” land plays.

Further, Forward Land has a wealth of experience in handling complex held by production areas.  In addition to the standard mineral interest ownership, we can also report the working interest, overriding royalty interest, and net revenue interest as needed.

Lease Acquisition

Forward Land has the ability to effectively and economically acquire leases on any sized project, from a single section to a vast area across many townships, abstracts, surveys, and counties.  We utilize our many years of buying experience to obtain leases at or below the authorized maximum bonus and royalty.  Our in-house staff sets the industry standard for tracking and monitoring progress, economics, and status of the lease play.  Finally, we collect curative throughout the leasing process which allows us to strengthen the validity of leases as they are bought and simplify the post-spud curative process.

Division Orders

Forward Land has a fully staffed and highly experienced Division Order team.  Our Division Order team offers a variety of services ranging from analyzing, calculating and maintaining record title ownership and divisions of interest, to more of an “overflow division order department” that is fully capable of assisting with escheat, 1099, ownership transfers, deck maintenance, and other backlog projects.  The ability to have a flexible staff for these types of projects allows our clients to always be correctly staffed for time sensitive projects that may not require year round, full-time positions.

Acquisition and Divestiture Due Diligence

Many of our landmen have previous in-house A&D department experience which allows Forward Land to efficiently and skillfully review all aspects of an acquisition or divestiture.  Our landmen are knowledgeable on all types of A&D activity.

Regulatory Commission

Most states have a similar process for regulating oil and gas, but are distinct in how that process is implemented.  Forward Land is qualified to take the stand as an expert witness in official hearings and has a working knowledge of what applications or permits are required to comply with your state’s regulations.

Right of Way

Forward Land is fully equipped to assist with the acquisition of well location and access roads, pipeline right of way, electric transmission lines, water lines, sanitary sewer lines, and fiber optic lines. With the use of our full service title department to aid in the determination of ownership, information is easily transferred to Ownership Reports and Line Lists for project reports and the use of our Acquisition Agents.